Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MF Leather is now available at XSQUAD - The Cathay

MF leather range is now available at XSQUAD - at The Cathay. Met Nick & Xavier in the shop both in their hip and cool streetwear! I love their WALUX caps! I finally get to see more of the street-style fashion in Singapore!!!

Do pop by to check out their limited edition of T-shirts, caps and bags. I heard they always update their designs which means you are going to find something new every visit. The staffs are cool and nice too!

2 Handy Road, The Cathay,
#03-11 Singapore 229233

Opening Hours:
11AM to 9.30PM(Monday ~ Thursday)
11AM to 10.30PM(Friday ~ Sunday including Eve & PH)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Lovely Home Offices

Last week, Jan & I went for a meeting at a very lovely place that is Japanese styled. We love the ambience. It was tranquil and simply beautiful. They even have a big bookshelf filled with lovely books to keep guest entertained while waiting. And of course, we were served warm green tea while we waited.

Makes me want to share more of the pictures I have found. We love the simplicity of white.

A room that looks like is very close to our icing feel. Clean, pure white with a dash of cheerful colours. It'll represent the joy & happiness we have found working for ourselves.

Here's a warm and cosy one with a nice warm colour theme.

I like the flowers in the pitcher but if I were to see fake flowers on the wall everyday, I don't think I'll take to the idea very well.

And oh, here's my perfect room. White and cream, classy and stylish. And I simply love big white flowers, real flowers.

And a sweet girly pinky one here.

An arrangement like this is real cute too for now.

Currently, my room is arrange more like this. Sadly, not with such nice furnitures but definitely with the bed very nearby tempting me to lie on it during my first few weeks. Now, I can't wait to get to my laptop and work away.

There's so much we want to do, and simply so many dreams to chase.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Full Range of ICING Gifts in Tango Mango @ Paragon & Tanglin Mall

The full range of ICING Gifts items are now available at Tango Mango The Giftshop at Paragon Shopping Centre, #B1-33.

Our colourful multi-purpose expandable bags are behind the counter and displayed in a lovely manner as below. We suggest to use them in place of the usual gift wrap. The gift recipient would then be able to reuse this lovely bag as toiletries bag etc. What a great and fun idea!
The cute animals hang on the right side of the shop and they're running out fast!
They too carry our ICING Accessories making it even more convenient to get your accessories in one shop.
And this is the shop front. It is at the basement facing Starbucks.
And all the fun ICING Gifts items are also now available at Tango Mango The Bookshop @ Tanglin Mall, #03-11A. It's almost one full shelving of happy gifts! You can easily find something for your colleagues and friends this Christmas.
The people at Tango Mango are really friendly and their shops have many lovely gift items. Step in if you're looking for a gift and you're bound to find something suitable!

Do check out the colourful and happy items while you shop in town this weekend!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Give These Lovely Animals A Home!


These animal pouches are available in store and on the website already. Some stores carrying it currently are The Esplanade Gift Shop and Tango Mango Bookshop @ Tanglin Mall & Tango Mango @ Paragon (coming real real soon this Mon).

Bring one home at $20.90.

The ones available this season are:
-Dark Pink Hippo
-Pink Pig
-Purple Bird
-Brown Dog
-Blue Whale
-Green Rhino

You can use them as a pencil case or even as an interesting toiletries pouch. It's bound to be a topic of conversation for their cuteness.

And in case you're wondering, they're made of high quality synthetic material and this range is by a designer who is fastidious about stitching details and craftsmanship. So, you can rest assured that when you bring one home, you're owning a quality piece of cute creation.

More happy gift items coming along for this festive season! Happy gifts for happy people! C=

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dreams Keep You Alive, Inspirations Keep You Going

Sometimes, when we pause to visualize the office we want, we see a place somewhat like these.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a lovely and beautiful place to work in?

And when we talked about a shop we want, we already have the same image in mind. We know what it'll look like.

It's good to visualize, and it's important to dream. 'Coz I'm sure we'll reach our goals and catch our dreams some day, as long as we hold them dear in our hearts.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Soon Lee, The Lovely Store @ Haji Lane

We are now also available in Soon Lee @ Haji Lane:

56 Haji Lane, Level 2

Opening hours: Mon to Sun, 2pm to 8pm.

Tel: 6297-0198

The shop is owned by a lovely young couple and they also have a new and absolutely charming shop at Cineleisure called Rockstar.

Both shops carry interesting Penguin Classics. Being the book geek that I am, it made me happy just looking through them while Jan was absolutely loving their jeans.

So, when you are next @ Haji Lane, do take a look at the ICING Accessories too while you check out their many pretty stuff!