Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Cards for Mother's Day!

Print a giftcard for Mother's Day!
Card measures est 15cm by 10cm(Postcard size)

1) Simply right-click and save the image to your desktop.
2) Place image in programs like words or powerpoint.
3) Print image with 160gsm white artcard with your home printer.
4) Add your personal message at the back of the card! Seal the card with a lovely envelope!
5) Optional! Tie a ribbon or add a bow on the giftcard!

Present these simple yet meaningful gifts this Mother's Day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Good Friday Holiday!

It's Good Friday Holiday today and we didn't even realised it until one of our clients mentioned it. Work has consumed us, hehe...

Eversince we've started working for ourselves, we've been working longer hours. Sometimes even into the wee hours of the night where we have more inspirations and motivation.

Yet, we feel so much less stressful and more contented being in control of our work lives and personal lives.

This is probably why we didn't even realise that it's a public holiday today. 'Coz everyday feels like a holiday/workday.

So, there goes one less perk of not being an employee; no longer looking forward to PH and especially one with a long weekend. But I am savouring the freedom now. No regrets!

I bought these 2 bunny chocolates for Jan & Linc, take a look at the cute MaltEaser packaging. We bit off the MaltEaster bunny pretty fast 'coz it was rather yummy.
Cute right? We hope everyone enjoys this long weekend break!

Tata from the M&M bunny wannabe~

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Packaging

Hopping Bunnies & Colourful Eggs! Check out these pretty and cute easter packaging. I came across some in Cold Storage last week and I'll get a few for my friends tomorrow. I'll share more cute packaing. =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Something Cooling for The Hot Days

The weather is so hot these days that I am dreaming of ice creams and popsicles. I came across these pretty soap and thought that they make such cute gifts. One day, we'll own an online store with lots pretty stuff. We're working towards this. =)