Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Very First Order

We just delivered our first order today of 10pcs of organisers. The buyer is happy and like the wrapping! =) We were so excited with this first order albeit a small one.

Special thanks to Jo and Linc for helping out with delivery.

There'll be more to come, more to come!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Votes needed for the best Baker'reez logo!

Thanks to mei for coming out with Baker'reez - such a nice brand name for our Bake a gift product line. I have been thinking hard for a simple yet meaningful logo...finally i came out with these ideas...

Idea 1a-1d - An "oven switch" that signifies "Turn it on" & start baking a gift

Idea 2a-2b - A cute oven that signifies "Bake a gift"

Please leave your votes, we need your feedback! Cheers,jan

Saturday, October 11, 2008

$5 Good Gifts for your events

Being marketers, we understand the importance of gift-giving to our clients. However if A&P is bursting & standard gifts are getting boring, this is where ICING Gifts can play a part. We are offering the items at only $5 a piece include customization. It is definitely the perfect gift. Perfect for Christmas, year end events or any functions. If you are interested to find out more about the $5 items, email us at . We will reply asap. Cheers.
Feel Great with our 1st box of namecards

We felt a great sense of belonging. Finally, something we own.
Spent half day at the printshop today trying to achieve the perfect colour we wanted. It's ok that it didn't turn out to be what we wanted this time, the next print will definitely be good. We are both looking forward to clinching new sales now with our ready namecards.
In High Spirit

Selected as ICING Gifts cover girl! Feel exceptionally wonderful & excited.Check out

This is exactly how we are feeling right now. We are enjoying every bit of time spent on setting up ICING Gifts & getting excited over so many things we've discussed! Today we spoke about our company's culture, ICING Gifts is going to be a happy, passionate, fun, unique & creative company!:) We aim to give all our customers a wonderful, satisfied & happy experience. ICING attitude is to be positive at all times. Everything is possible.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The origins of the pastel green logo

We almost wanted to call ourselves "Gaze", just like a child gazing through a shop window with amazement, we dreamt that we would one day make our customers feel that way. I can almost image 2 big eyes as our logo! Haha...

So, why are we called "ICING Gifts" in the end? It was in the midst of a discussion about how we want the recipients of our gifts to feel like the gifts were chosen with care, just like icing on the cake. And with that, our company's name was born.

Jan and I later decided that we wanted a corporate colour that is pleasant, trendy and gender neutral. We came up with 2 choices, it was either going to be blue or green. In the end, we mixed a little blue into the green and got our perfect ICING Gifts corporate colour! And aqua green is my favorite colour! This pastel shade looks so yummy and I love it so!

The logo represents a coating, just like icing. Our products are coated with a layer of care and sweet thoughts. Hence, it's shape.

Later on, we toyed with tag lines... Linc came up with this. He must be so relaxed in Apollo Bay that he came up with "Glazed with thoughts". Whenever I hear this phrase, I think of glazed donuts. Once again, it encapsulates our values of bringing gifts that are specially selected with much care.

"Gifts" was added in the end because we couldn't get the domain we wanted. And I think it's good that we didn't get what we wanted because icing is misleading! Least someone think we're a baking shop!

Maybe we'll go with dessert and pastries themes throughout. Just like my dream when I wish for cupcakes, icing, sea breeze and all things nice~~~

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Inspirations from a blogger

There is one site in particular that inspired me:

I simply love the collections of the prints and niceties found on this site and here's just some of the beautiful pics I've grabbed to share:
Thus, our idea to work with prints for our mix and match label. It would be so lovely to have a shop selling all things with beautiful prints and graphics and be spoilt for choice. Imagine how delightful it'll be walking into one of these shops and be surrounded by beautiful designs and quirky characters! =))

Friday, October 3, 2008

The beginning of our dream

We have a dream, a common dream, to start our own company that brings unique gift ideas and options to our customers. A dream to create a mix and match line of products. A dream that will allow us the freedom to do things our way, and to be happy with the path we have chosen and created.

Of course, there were some who discouraged us when we shared our dream and excitement. That's why it is important for us to protect this growing dream. And we had! Now, it has brought us this far, at the start of the ICING Gifts journey...


Jan's mac crashed today and along with it, we've lost the web design, the emailer, the name card and even the logo!

I'm glad it has happened now and not in the midst of our business proper. Just a teeny bit painful for now, more for Jan I supposed, and I'm sure we'll always remember the urgency to back up. ;)