Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MF Unique Leather Collection for Stylish Individuals!

The new MF Collection site is now ready at http://www.icinggifts.com/MFhomepage.html and here's some of the new products.

All designs come in 3 colours of black, brown and white and there'll be a much wider variety soon.

Now, you can buy your guy friends some accessories from ICING too. ;)

If you like what you see, do join us at our facebook fan page:
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy busy.. ever so busy...

We were so quiet for a while coz work was piling up and we went for a business trip recently.

It was hell of a trip with meetings after meetings, day after day. We only had the 2nd last day to ourselves. Well, sort of... we met with one more supplier before having the last day officially to ourselves.

We gave ourselves a good dinner treat after so many mishaps. With Jan almost losing her laptop, I breaking out in cold sweat and almost fainting halfway through a dinner... It was definitely a relief with all the meetings behind us and going home sweet home the next day.

Here's a pic we wanna share; happy and excited on the way there.

The weird thing about this trip is that we kept losing things, almost. We reached the airport early on our last day and counted ourselves lucky that the officer let us through with 7kg excess baggage. Having woken up in the wee hours of the morning, I was most definitely looking forward to snoozing away for the rest of the day back home.

Unfortunately, we... missed... our... flight!!!!

When we realised that we were running late, we rushed to the gate after our super duper last minute shopping at DFS, only to realise one whole hand luggage was lost! It contained quite a fair bit of sample/stocks but that wasn't the shocking thing, the both of us didn't even realise when a heavy hand luggage fell off the trolley! How unbelievable!

Jan had to run back in high heels and somehow found the luggage lying in the middle of a shop's aisle. Guess the shop assistants must be pretty free and nonchalent to leave the big lugguage lying in the mddle of nowhere! Haha... It was funny.

Then we ran and huff and puff all the way to our gates only to get left behind. My heart sank when we saw our luggages removed from the plane. Oh well, there's always a first time for everything and this will be my last time missing a flight because of shopping.

We had to hang around the airport for more than half a day before we got on our next flight back. And not forgetting that we had 6 heavy bags to push around. By then, we were dead tired and in low spirits. No more pics to share coz we looked terrible.

We're glad to be home and now, we just have to rush and rush again.

Arts Lovers! ICING Now Has Arts & Music Accessories Too!

Calling all arts lovers and all who appreciates pretty stuff! In addition to our existing range of ICING Accessories, we now have a new arts & music range available in the Esplanade Shop at #02-02.

The accessories available in this shop will be exclusively of art and music nature. Ballet shoes... music notes... dancers... earphones and such. Do remember to drop by before your show or when you are at the Esplanade and treat yourself to something pretty & arty!

More Accessories Available Near You

More ICING Accessories is now available near your working area at:

Mustard Seed
10 Anson Road #01-28
International Plaza

When there, check out the many pretty dresses too! ;)