Monday, January 25, 2010

Make A Rose This Valentine's Day

Jan came across this interesting video and we thought we'll share it here.

It really does look pretty easy and even someone like me who isn't all that good with handicraft should manage alright.

Do let us know if you have tried it and plan to give it to your friends this Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts

M&M's has really cute personalized chocolates which make great V Day's Gifts.

Did you even know that you can personalized them? Add a pic, add some words and even choose the colours.

I didn't even know they had so many colors to choose from.

And you can even give them away on other occasions. I think the colour below is even coporate enough to give to your business associate as a small gift.

And of course, you can give them to kids who simply love chocolates. But then again, who doesn't? ;)

Find out more here: The downside is probably only US & Canadian residents will be able to purchase them without having to fork out a hefty sum.

Pretty Beddings & Home Furnishing Site

I want to share a site that we often visit to get the ICING feel: Pbteen

They have really lovely bedsheets and home furnitures. I simply love the bedsheet below.
A very pretty sleeping bag below too yah?

As you may have guessed I'm a fan of polka dots.

And I really think these guitar wall lights are so cute!

The hair dryer looks overwhelmed with dots though...

But not the chairs.

There's stuff for boys too on this website but the girly things are sweeter and more of a eye candy. ;)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Toxic Metal Cadmium Found in some China Jewelry

Recently there has been reports that some China-made jewelery contain high level of cadmium which is known to cause cancer and is harmful to the brain development of children.
It saddens me to read that even when questioned, the Chinese manufacturers feel indifferent that they are using such harmful products and endangering the health of consumers. One such manufacturer even defended this irresponsible action by saying they are merely giving what the customers asked for.

To keep the jewelry cost low, these unscrupulous jewelry manufacturers switch to cadmium as it is easy to use, shiny, attractive and of course cheap.

Some major retailers in US have already pulled out products that contain high levels of cadmium and we hope that the customers will also safeguard themselves by selecting jewelry with care.

To reassure our customers, all ICING Accessories are imported from Korea and Japan and made of 925 silver without known toxic metals.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Gifts Recycling Ethics

Now that the 12 days of Christmas is almost gone, I'm sure many of you have received gifts that aren't necessarily to your taste and liking.

Well, let's admit it. Some of us really do recycle gifts and in this bad economic climate, why not pass it on to someone else who may appreciate it much better?

For e.g. If someone gave you a top that doesn't go with your skin tone at all, wouldn't it be better to pass it on to your sis/friend than to keep it in the wardrobe and let the moths feed on it?

Once you've decided to do so, just be tactful and take note of these "ethics":

-Don't recycle foodstuff; you won't want to receive a Christmas fruitcake sometime in the middle of January or cookies may have lost its crispiness too. (especially so in Singapore's humid weather)

-Make an effort to re-wrap the gift and make it presentable.

-It should go without saying that you should not return the gift to the gift-giver or anyone that he or she may know.

-Never recycle a gift that is old, damaged or not presentable as a gift in the first place! Gift recycling is about passing on the items to someone who will appreciate them more, not giving away things you consider junk.

If you have to tell a white lie, do so and get rid of the guilt fast! After all, it's the thought that counts right? And knowing that the gift will make someone else happier than it made you should ease any guilt of yours.

Now, remember to take time to understand your friends' taste and liking so that he or she won't be doing the same back to your gifts. ;)

Disclaimer: This is just a suggestion for those who absolutely have to recycle their gifts, we at ICING gifts don't practice this of course. ;)